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  • Customers like
    • Everything seemed to go fine at first 2
    • How easy they dismiss issues with the cars they sell 2
    • How nice they seemed at sales point 2
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    • Terrible misrepresentation 7
    • Will not correct their problem 6
    • Extremely unreliable 4
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Bought a car and turned in a lease in February. In April I found out they hadn't returned the car nor paid for the car. After two weeks of playing phone tag, me calling and them never calling me back, they paid the bill. They did not turn in my car. In June, I was getting calls from a collection agency because they NEVERTHELESS turned my car in. It sat in their parking lot for over 4 months and their response was they didn't know it was there...... Read more

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Stay away from billion auto in sioux falls sd..they are the worst...were going to court..they sold me a pakage and after several times being back for repairs on my NEW car like 15 Times they have only fixed 3 out if the 12 items wrong...called gm they said there wotking on it ..year later nothing...they will kiss your backside fir the sale but *** on you after the sale...and gm is ok with all of it... Read more

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Purchased a 2011 Buick Regal less than 2 years ago and it's worthless! Was promised to that they would fix headlight, radio, and the dent they put in the gas tank - guess what NOTHING WAS DONE. I have put in more headlights in the front driver side than you put on a Christmas tree and they are not cheap! Called and told them my issues and the manager of the store told me the Sales rep has a person issue with me and did not want to deal with... Read more

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They would not price match tires against wal mart even when i pointed out their "will not be undersold price match guarantee" on their own website! I will start going to livingston for anything from now on. It's about basic integrity. If they can't honor a simple tire price ad, where else will deceive me??

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I have purchase 2 vehicles from Billion Auto in Des Moines IA. The first experience was good but the second experience was horrible! I purchased a paint package that was on the first contract i signed and they called me back and said come back in to sign an updated finance agreement because we got you a better interest rate and lower payment but "nothing else changed other than interest rate!". I went in and signed and they removed the the... Read more

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I had the recent misfortune attending your so called fair ground sale. I drove a dodge truck that I liked but when was time to give me a quote on my vehicle I felt was a slap in the face. I was quoted 7800.00 for my 2005 dodge rumble bee 4x4 which I know is well worth more than that quote. The truck I drove only a 2nd which I was aware of and know the resale would be less down the road. I don't blame the young sales rep that was helping but his... Read more

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12/18/15: Bought 2016 KIA Sedona SXL w/extras from Bob—Missing SDcard & I had to call often to ask if new one arrived; took several weeks January 2016: Van was completely dead one morning--Had tow truck come jump my van & drove to KIA to check it; told me the battery was good, just probably that the key fob in my house was registering the van to inform of close proximity. *Late in month the heated seats worked intermittently February 2016:... Read more

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I called on a Thursday and talked to Tyler Mullholland. He seemed a little pushy on the phone and didn't seem to want to listen to me (the potential customer). I didn't let that stop me from setting up and appointment for the following Saturday to see 2 trucks that I had found on their website. Tyler told me the 2 trucks were at different branch locations but he would have them there for me to see when I got there. When I arrived, Tyler was... Read more

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I've made close to ten separate requests for a 2nd keyless entry fob for the new Hundai Elantra I purchased there... to no avail. The response I typically get is this: We can sell you a new car. If I can't get acceptable service for my new car, why would I ever want to buy another car from you? Other observations about the car: the headrests cause me to look at my navel instead of straight ahead not as much storage space as in previous... Read more

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Drove an hour and a half to look at a ford focus. Get there and it doesn't even look like the one in the one. Decals are gone, and that one is a piece of junk. Don't think they had the other one and tried to lie. I ended up getting a Chevy hhr. Nothing but trouble since day one. Inch of water on my floor from the sunroof leaking. And other *** they lied about. Won't do anything about it. They could at least help fix the dang leak! Read more

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