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On 2/5/15 I went to Billion Auto in Iowa City to look at a 2012 Kia Forte EX. It had 21,000 miles and was just under $12,000.

They have two other cars, exact same make/model/year. One has roughly 85,000 and the other 10,000 miles. They are all priced within $1,000 of each other(makes me wonder what's wrong with the 10,000 mile car). Well the Kia I looked at had visible front bumper damage, I didn't mind.

I was told, of course, that it was in great shape besides the cosmetic issues. I insisted on taking the car to my mechanic and thank goodness I did. When the previous owner caused the front bumper damage, by hitting a curb I was told, they bent the radiator and pushed back the cooling fan so it was resting against the radiator. With both being plastic, you can see the problems this would cause.

This is $2000 in damage. Brent, the salesman, said their techs stood by what they said(that the car was fine) and they had no clue about the issue. Well I don't work on cars and I could see the damage once the car was in the air so either he was lying or their techs are incompetent. I was also told that the tires were new-ish(they had more wear on them than the 360 mile difference from when the last owner sold the car to when I test drove it).

When I called Brent regarding the radiator to see if they would fix it he said they had already put enough money into the car and were not willing to fix it..what exactly did they have to fix on a car with 21,000 miles on it? or they were just lying and would rather find some sucker to buy the car hoping they didn't notice the issue. Either way, I was lied to and certainly don't appreciate it. Billion will never get my business and I will never recommend them either.

Oh, within hours of letting them know I was returning the car the price of it went up to just under $13,000 online(see attached picture with it at a cheaper price). Don't buy this car without making sure the radiator has been fixed(even then, bending it back into place will weaken it so buyer beware)

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Well being that a Kia is only worth maybe 100 bucks I'd say they were all overpriced...

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