I've been buying/selling cars (as a consumer; not a salesperson) for 45 years & I've never met so many twisted, rude liars in one organization. I contacted by phone the Rapid City dealership and the Sioux Falls dealership in December 2013 to negotiate on an SUV and even though the salesman was polite, the managers were extremely rude and downright hostile. The experience soured me to such a degree that I quit looking for a vehicle.

A few months later I started looking again online and found an SUV at Billion Auto in Sioux City, IA. I reassured myself that my bad experience was just a one time occurrence and maybe this dealership would be different. Oh, no, even worse! When I attempted to negotiate a price, the salesman tacked on a $400 delivery charge (from IA to Rapid City). No other dealership has EVER added a delivery charge and, in fact, many have offered to deliver the vehicle to my door! A few days later the salesman emailed me to ask if I was still interested & I answered that I was not due to the delivery charge. He sent an email the next day that they would remove the delivery charge & would I be financing or paying cash; very abrupt. At this point I (again) was not inclined to give them my business.

Several weeks went by & suddenly I had a message on my phone from a Billion representative (Stephanie from Sioux City) wanting to know if I was a satisfied customer. When I relayed the details of my experiences with Rapid City & Sioux Falls & Sioux City, she said she'd discuss this with her manager so they could "make it right." Minutes later a Finance Officer (John) called me & spent a long time discussing how internet sales are handled and have changed the car buying business. Then he went to great lengths to ask what I wanted in an SUV and said he was going to find the right vehicle for me that very day & make me a satisfied customer. I never heard from him again. After a week I called Stephanie; left my name & number & surprise! She never returned my call. So not only are they rude and inconsiderate; they also like to play games!

Save yourself the time & trouble and don't even bother with this company!

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I agree that Billion Auto is the worst of the worst. Used or new, if you look at their prices and compare them to KBB or Instant Market Value, they are always overpriced, usually by thousands of dollars.

When I was car shopping and trading in my Mustang, their offer was the lowest of any vehicle I visited (out of 7) by $2500. I will never do business with them for any reason.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #865287

I was told yesterday (after them taking a $250 deposit the night before to bring a vehicle from Sioux falls) that because they lost $32000 last year in transport fees that in other to even see my vehicle I would have to sign a purchase agreement for $500 more than the listed price!! Seriously?!

Sign a purchase agreement for a $21000 vehicle without being able to even see it much less drive it!!!

Shady shady people. I encourage you to contact the better business bureau.

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